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Klaus Hamberger
 What's new in Puck?
22/01/2016 17:39  
Improved merging of doubles (version 2.2.20).

In order to merge individuals it is sufficient to replace the name of the double by the id number of the original and choose "Transform > Reduced > Marked doubles".
Puck produces a consolidation report that lists all replacements as well as eventual conflicts.
In case of conflicting attributes, Puck does not replace the original attribute but adds the alternative attribute under the label "originalLabel_ALT" (e.g. "BIRT_PLACE_ALT").
In case of conflicting parents, Puck does not replace the original parent but adds the name and id of the alternative parent as an attribute with the label "F_ALT" or "M_ALT".
Klaus Hamberger
27/02/2018 21:22  
Debugged relinking search (version 3.2.61)

The search for relinking chains by cumulative formula ("<" + positional schema) did not take into account the gender of pivots, this has been fixed.
The restriction type "SOME" yielded wrong results when searching open chains of order higher than 1, this has been fixed.
Finally, the closure rate calculation has been improved, so as to take account for the fact that there may be several open chain types for a circuit of higher order. The closure rate is now calculated as the number of circuits, divided by the number of open chains (as before), but multiplied by the number of non-isomorphic open chain types.

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