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Switch to GUI german ?

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Ulrich Thoma
 Switch to GUI german ?
09/03/2017 21:24  
I am new to Puck.
I have downloaded Puck and tested it a little bit.
In the help file you wrote that the language could be changed to german.
I tried this, but it doesn’t switch to german.
Is the translation not yet implemented ?
Is there a possibility that I can translate the phrases myself ?
Anne Garcia-Fernandez
10/03/2017 11:53  
Hi Ulrich,

You are right, Puck is designed to support multilanguage interface and it is technically possible to switch to German, Italian, etc. BUT translated sentences are not implemented in the code so, when you switch, English sentences still appear.

We are aware of this fact, nevertheless Puck is developed with few resources and we have focused on new implementations and functionalities instead of GUI and interface in general.

Thank you for your understanding,


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