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FatherId MotherId and SpouseId not working

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oconner Katherine
 FatherId MotherId and SpouseId not working
23/09/2017 02:01  
I have tired to upload both an .xls and .txt files with the same information in the files setup in this format

Id Name Gender FatherID MotherID SpouseID
1 Max / Smith M 0 0 2
2 Mary / Green F 0 0 1

No matter what I do father, mother and spouse information does not show up in PUCK. All that shows up is Id, Name and Gender. Can anyone help me with this?

I'm currently using excel to enter in all of the data. What is the best way to upload a file into PUCK. I'm not having any luck at all.
Isabelle Daillant
23/09/2017 08:43  
Hello Katherine,

Could you try opening your file with
Menu FILE > Import IURTXTS

and tell us what you get ?
oconner Katherine
23/09/2017 14:59  
The files don't not show up at all when I try Import IURTXTS. Often get error messages that come up that say the file is null
oconner Katherine
23/09/2017 16:30  
I tried Menu FILE > Import IURTXTS again and it came up

an unexpected error occurred: string index out of range:-4
Isabelle Daillant
23/09/2017 23:30  
It is difficult to tell you something without knowing more.

You can try replacing the males' "M" by an "H", which is the standard notation for Puck

Or check that you don't have filled cells lost somewhere out of place on the XL sheet
(e.g. by copy-pasting the data in a new document)
Pascal Cristofoli
25/09/2017 11:51  
Hello Katherine, Hello Isabelle

I think that the IURTXTS import is not the good function in this case.
It's a new import function for multi-file import (this function is not yet documented).

Your data seems well formed (in "BAR format"). If you don't have an error message when you open your data file, this means that the data has been read correctly by Puck.

I have 2 questions :

1 - Have you watched in the family tab ? In Puck, the data appear in several tab:

-> Individuals tab, which contains Ego's Identity Frame, Ego's First Degree Relatives Frame, Additional Data Frame...

-> Families Tab : The Family tab looks just as the Individuals one, apart from the fact that records are families and not individuals. Families have Id numbers, they are listed in the left side box ; they have an Identity frame, as well as a Children and an Additional Data frames.

For more informations, see Main Window section in the online Puck's manual :

2 - In Puck, You have to select one individual or one familie to see the corresponding data.

I hope this informations will help you.
Do not hesitate to tell us if you still can not find your data.

Best regards.

Pascal Cristofoli
oconner Katherine
29/09/2017 20:15  
I was able to get the file to upload now that I used .xls format and keeping everything in excel. I think the problem was multiple spouses for one individual. If an individual's spouses were listed for example as id# 30 spouseid: 31;36;37 then the file would not upload.

When I deleted out an individual's multiple spouses on their line I was able to upload the file. For the spouse I just entered in the individual\s number and it worked.

Now I have over 650 individuals in my file and I have uploaded into PUCK. A new problem exists where when I want to run basic statistics I get an error code that says null. Any help with this new problem would be most appreciated!
Isabelle Daillant
30/09/2017 00:22  

With this sort of xls presentation, you can enter the numbers of the different spouses
- either in different columns,
- or in different rows (duplicating, or triplicating #30's row)
but not writing 31;36;37 in the same cell.
Another option is the one you found yourself.

Once the dataset opens correctely, the very first thing to do is to run
Menu Reports > Controls > Special Features => Launch

Usually there are a few errors in a newly opened dataset.
If you get the very frequent report of having male mothers and female fathers, it is usually just that parents have been inverted.
Go to the concerned person (the child with inverted parents) and right clic on one of his parents.
In the menu that opens : Swap parents
and that's it.

If the statistics don't run, you might also have a case of cyclical descent.
If it is the case, start correcting that error. It is the only one that will really block everything.

"Special features" like persons of "unknown sex" are not a problem ; they are just listed but do not cause any trouble.

Once the controls don't show real errors any more, try the statistics again, and tell us if it works.
oconner Katherine
03/10/2017 19:49  
Finally figured it out. One person was showing up as married to their mother in puck but not in the excel sheet. I deleted the individual and created a new person with the same information and it worked!
Isabelle Daillant
03/10/2017 22:50  
Great !
thanks for reporting

there must have been some sort of error in the initial coding, Puck would not invent such a marriage out of nothing, but it is fine if your solution worked.

If you have other questions, you can open a new thread (rather in the Puck section of the forum than in the Kinsources section, Kinsources being the on-line platform for datasets)

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