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Filling "Additional Data" with Puck

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Leandro Mahalem de Lima
 Filling "Additional Data" with Puck
05/12/2018 12:36  
Dear friends,

I'm finding it easier to work with Puck, instead of tables, but I have a small problem
with "Additional data". If a certain "Label" has no "Value" for a
specific person, then it does not appear on the Label's list. This can
be solved by always giving values to every label, or maybe there is
another way to bring the labels in to be filled (ou not) or it is just my misusage.

Thanks a lot,
Leandro Mahalem de Lima
Isabelle Daillant
05/12/2018 13:51  
Hello Leandro,

You have to use the buttons that are next to the "Additional data" title (on the right) :
+ will create a new label (yet completely unexisting);
++ will show all the existing labels that are empty for the person you are on;
c will clear (= "c") the visible form of all its empty labels;
s will save (= "s") the current list of visible labels.
The last one is if you want to avoid to clic the "++" button for every person, but you can start with the "++" to get familiar with it.

I hope it helps,
Good luck !
Leandro Mahalem de Lima
05/12/2018 14:59  
Hello Isabelle,
It does answer it all!

Merci beaucoup,

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