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oconner Katherine
 Sequences menu in Puck
17/05/2019 16:59  
I am wondering if there is a manual that helps to explain how to use the sequences menu? I'm particular interested in menu function "analysis". I am not sure how to use it and I'm unable to find any information about it in the Puck 2.0 manual.
Pascal Cristofoli
21/05/2019 12:00  
Dear K. Oconner,

The "sequences menu" is a recent functionality developped by K. Hamberger and there is not yet mention in the Puck's Manual.
You can see a pratical exemple for understand the purpose of this kind of analyse and the way to use it with the "Watchi 2017 dataset" recently published in

See below the references to the scientific article on "Relational Sequence Networks", the associated dataset (witch explain how to code your sequential data) and the datatset documentation witch explain "how to" use Puck for several analyses :

Hamberger K. 2018, « Relational Sequence Networks as a Tool for Studying Gendered Mobility Patterns », p. 121‑46 in G. Ritschard et M. Studer (Editeurs), Sequence Analysis and Related Approaches. Innovative Methods and Applications, Life Course Research and Social Policies. Springer International Publishing.

Dataset : Klaus Hamberger (2018), Watchi 2017 dataset,

Dataset documentation : Klaus Hamberger (2018), Watchi 2017 dataset documentation,

I hope that this information will be useful to you. Do not hesitate if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

PAscal Cristofoli

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