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When will we have a manual for Puck 2.0?

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Juan A Echeverri
 When will we have a manual for Puck 2.0?
30/11/2013 09:38  
Puck 2.0 is a powerful software, but it does require a comprehensive and detailed manual to adequately take advantage of all its tools. I had news that M. Gasperoni was working on a manual for it. Are there any news of a prompt release?
Olivier Kyburz
30/11/2013 19:09  
That's a good question!
We will do our best but it's a bit long and tedious to perform.
Anne Garcia-Fernandez
16/02/2014 19:04  
The manual is available on the TIP Project page: (the page is in French but the manual in English)

Here the direct link to the manual:
Isabelle Daillant
16/10/2014 15:09  
There is now also a more up to date on-line Help on

The URL of the Thematic Index is
Juan A Echeverri
04/11/2014 19:36  
Dear Isabelle, thanks for the link to the on-line help.

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