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Question on uploading datasets

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Juan A Echeverri
 Question on uploading datasets
30/11/2013 10:15  
I read in the Editorial an invitation to upload datasets and its advantages (validation "by a scientific board", automatic statistic analysis, ability to export data to several formats, etc.). I took a look at the Upload link. However, the whole procedure is not yet quite clear to me. A few remarks and questions: (1) there should be a little help attached to the items requested in the upload page (for instance: What's "Atlas code"? In "Radius from center", "center" refers to the coordinates? What are you supposed to write in "Reference" at the end? Why "bibliography"?).(2) After filling out the form you're supposed to attach "metadata files"; aren't the answers to the questions in the upload page enough metadata? (3) What does it exactly mean "validation by a scientific board"? (4) Finally, I think the upload procedure would benefit from a little more explanation (for those who're not insiders).
Olivier Kyburz
30/11/2013 19:45  
You're right, this site is still under development.
(1) It is expected to give more information to the user
Atlas code refers to codes HRAF
When the field is geolocated, you can specify the center and the radius of the area.
Some corpora may have been quoted or used for publications ...
This will be made ??clear as soon as possible.
Juan A Echeverri
01/12/2013 05:32  
Thanks for the reply. I see that the site is brand new, but it already has an impressive archive of datasets. I will attempt to upload one dataset with which I'm working right now. I believe I can sort out the procedure (it seems it'd be the first volunteered upload of the new site--isn't it nice?). Perhaps in exchange could I get some feedback in relation to the processing of the data with Puck?
Juan A Echeverri
01/12/2013 07:42  
I succeeded entering the metadata, but couldn't upload the dataset. I have the data in Excel format, exported from Puck. I receive this message:
"Bad Gateway
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
Apache/2.2.22 (Debian) Server at Port 443"
Christian MOMON
06/12/2013 08:11  
A technical investigation confirms that incident happened when you tried to upload a dataset file. Our preliminary conclusion is that this is a temporary problem that should not happen again.
In order to validate this conclusion, can you repeat your dataset file upload?
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your help.
Woodrow W. Denham
13/07/2014 21:46  
Question on EDITING datasets.

I contributed 42 datasets to KinSources several years ago, long before you migrated the software and data to its current location, and long before you provided all of the services that are available now.

I need to edit one of my data files at this time, but I have been unable to figure out how to do it.

The dataset that I need to edit is identified as: Alyawarra 1971 AU01.

The file that I need to edit is identified as: Alyawarra1971data.txt.

Under the column header "European name" (Column 53 at the right-hand margin), I should have omitted the names of those people.

Task 1. I want to delete those names, then save the file again exactly as it is now but WITHOUT the names.

Task 2. If those names appear in any other file formats in the Alyawarra 1971 AU01 dataset, they should be deleted from those files as well.

Is it appropriate for me to perform these tasks, or would it be simpler and easier for somebody at KinSources to do them? If I should do them, would you please tell me how?

Many thanks.
Woodrow W. Denham
Anne Garcia-Fernandez
27/08/2014 15:10  

We already transfered the dataset to your account so you can do all the modifications you want/need. Just click on the name of a dataset to see it (all its metadata and the dataset file itself), and then, for example, click on "Edit" to edit the metadata of the corpus.


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